George Meany Award Dinner

The Boy Scouts of America Pathway to Adventure Council is honored to recognize Mr. Sam Cicinelli with the George Meany Award on Wednesday, December 10th, 2019 for his service to the community and the working families in our union trades.

Sam Cicinelli is the Directing Business Representative of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), Automobile Mechanics' Union Local 701 representing more than 6,400 active members and over 4,200 retired members.  Sam is a 31-year member of Local 701 who started his career as an automobile technician while serving as Shop Steward for 11 years.  He also served on the Union’s Executive Board as Vice-President while working at the trade for five years before being appointed as a full-time Organizer for Local 701 in 2000.  Shortly thereafter he became a Business Representative and served in that capacity for ten years before being selected to serve as Assistant Directing Business Representative. 

Sam has a passion for defending and representing workers in their employment relationship as well as had a vision to create the Union’s Training Program.  He negotiated several hundred agreements, pursued thousands of grievances and arbitrated several arbitrations.  Sam’s vision and drive to create a Union's Apprenticeship Program become a reality with the dedication of his hard work and persistence.  The success of the Program continues to expand and is appreciated as there is a dire need for properly trained and skilled technicians.  He also started the Union's 401(k) Program where he is the Chairman of that Fund as he understands the importance of providing for a comfortable retirement to allow his members to retire in dignity. 

Sam serves as the Chairman on the Local 701 Health and Welfare and Pension Funds. He is also the Chairman of the Union’s Apprenticeship Training Fund and the Chairman of the Local 701 401(k) Defined Contribution Plan.  Sam also assists with the Local 701 Newsletter and Union’s Website.  In addition to his Union roles, Sam serves on the Chicago Federation of Labor’s Executive Board, is a Vice-President for the Illinois State Council of Machinists, delegate to the Illinois State AFL-CIO and COPE Chair for 14th Illinois Congressional District. 

In summary, Sam has always had a passion and the drive to assist those in need.  He continues to be determined to level the playing field to give everyone a fair chance in their lives.  He’s also determined to provide a career path and to teach his trade to those interested in learning it properly.   This journey starts early with earning merit badges going through the Boy Scout Program.

In looking at the years past of recipients of the Boy Scouts of America George Meany Award, he humbly accepts the prestigious honor for this year's award.  Sam feels this award comes with a tremendous amount of pride and is honored accepting this award.

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