Restoring the Village

The Restoring the Village program is an impactful partnership between Scouting, community leaders, and at-risk youth. It equips young people in embattled neighborhoods with the values, tools, opportunities, and mentors needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their community.

I. How to become an asset and not a liability to their community
    II. Personal responsibility and respect of others
      III. The importance of community service
        IV. Discipline and leadership
          V. The values of the Scout Oath and Law

          Restoring the Village encourages young people to see life differently by exposing them to a path far more rewarding than the short-lived thrill and lasting anguish associated with life on the street. In a traditional Scouting unit, parents serve as volunteers who give leadership to the youth. In Restoring the Village, however, many of our young people come from single-parent households so positive community leaders step up and become volunteers to fill that void. With training and guidance from Scouting professionals, these community leaders equip the young men and women under their charge with critical life skills, outdoor adventure, career preparation, a commitment to community service, and a positive outlook to help them be “Prepared. For Life.®”

          The community is fully engaged with the program and establishes a long-term commitment to furthering its mission.
          The Boy Scouts of America provides community leaders with organizational knowledge, training, program support and outdoor adventure opportunities for youth.
          The program attracts the young people who need Scouting the most.

          Cub Scouts: For children in Grades K-5, Cub Scouting is the foundation of our organization and involves the whole family as parents and mentors pitch in to plan and deliver structured activities. 

          Scouts BSA: For youth 11-17 years old, this is the traditional Scouting experience. While there’s guidance from experienced leaders, Scouts take their own lead. Youth explore places they’ve never been as they dive into the rugged world of outdoor adventure and learn important life lessons, as well as leadership skills.

          Venturing: Venturing is a coed program for young adults ages 13 (and have completed the 8th grade) through 20. Youth partake in their own adventures.

          Exploring: Programs range from 6th grade, to the age of 21. Youth explore vocational skills and careers, and may also partake in a strong value based curriculum focusing on social and emotional learning.

          STEM Scouts: A national pilot program from the Boy Scouts of America, focused on fun ways for girls and boys, grades 3-12 to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

          RTV Structure

          Marquette Elementary PTO

          Twenty-First Century Charter School

          Longfellow Elementary School

          St. Timothy Community Church

          McKinley Elementary School

          Boys and Girls Club of East Chicago

          Sigma Lambda Beta

          Friends of Davis Elementary School

          Chicago 1st Police District

          National Youth Advocate Program

          Holy Family Ministries

          - The Boy Scouts of America will provide necessary resources to support the Sprouting Leaders volunteers and organization in implementing an effective Scouting curriculum.

          -We provide training and materials for all volunteers, along with background checks to ensure the security of our youth. Youth Protection Training is required to maintain the health and safety of our Scouts.

          -The youth will have full access to our camps and activities found all over the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana. Our Scouting council has camp locations in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois.

          -Uniforms will be provided for the youth by the Boy Scouts of America. In the Restoring the Village program, the youth along with your organization can create and design your own t-shirts, creating a specific identity to your group.

          -Together, our Scouts will be exposed to life experiences outside of Chicago. Exposing them to skills and opportunities they would not be afforded without the partnership of our two organizations.