Popcorn 2021

Unit Sign Up Instructions - Click here to register your unit for the 2021 sale

2021 Leader Training 

Who to Contact

Pecatonica River Popcorn:                     pecatonicariverpopcorn.com

Popcorn Team Email:                                 ptac.popcorn@scouting.org

Pecatonica River Popcorn Email:               pops@prpopcorn.com

Pathway to Adventure Council:                 312-421-8800


              Popcorn Staff Advisors          
Tim Bouchard                   

312-421-8800 ext. 204 or timothy.bouchard@scouting.org

Mike Hornung                  

312-421-8800 ext. 252 or michael.hornung@scouting.org

Carl Monk                

312-421-8800 ext. 270 or Carl.Monk@Scouting.org

Council Popcorn Kernel 

Anne Romani   medicalmom5@hotmail.com

District Kernel Information 

Calumet Harry Smith safetysmith@sbcglobal.net
Checaugau Rob Munds
Patty Rios
Five Creeks  Kathy Daloia kmdaloia@aol.com
Iron Horse Jennifer Gorz
Therese Young
Portage Creek Maria Chiappetta mchiap99@yahoo.com
Prairie Dunes Tiffany Bourne tmshelto@gmail.com
Tall Grass Christine Harej charej30@gmail.com
Thunderbird Lori Sichtermann lori.sichtermann@gmail.com
Trailblazer Liz Catanzaro el_catanzaro@gmail.com
Tri-Star Anne Romani medicalmom5@hotmail.com 


2021 Leader Guide

Unit Sign Up Instructions

2021 Prize Flyer

2021 Prize Order Form

2021 Seller ID

Scout Boss (Unit Kernel) Guide

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Square Credit Card Reader

Geofencing Instructions

Pecatonica Video Tutorials 

2021 Timeline

August 7  Kids' Party/leader Training with Gary Railcats
August 8 Kids' Party/leader Training with Schaumburg Boomers
August 11 Make-up Leader Training
August 15 Online Selling Begins
August 16 Initial Show and Sell orders due in popcorn system
August 28 Show and Sell product distribution at Council locations
September 6 Re-Order #1 Due in popcorn system
September 11 Re-order product pick up at assigned Council Office
September 20 Re-order #2 due in popcorn system
September 24 Re-order product pick up at assigned Council Office
October 4 Re-order #3 due in popcorn system
October 8 Re-order product pick up at assigned Council Office
October 23 Return day for all units
Make payment for show and sell order
October 25 Place final order in Popcorn System
November 6 Take Order product distribution at District locations
Top-Sellers’ information, Prize Orders, and Legacy Scholarship forms due
November 27 Final Payment due at Council Office